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Pedicures - Free limer for all pedicures!

Every day, our feet are subjected to an enormous amount of stress. Just think how good it would feel to give them a dose of luxury care and support. Our service treatments are designed to help get your feet back in action.

Spa Pedicure $20.0             
      * Callus remover and sea salt
      * Massage with hydrating lotion
      * Warm towels
(Time: 30 min)    
Pearl Spa Pedicure $40.0    
      * Healing
      * Skin Brightening
      * Anti-aging
      * Deep Moisturizing
(Time: 40 min)    
Deluxe Pedicures $30.0      
      * Callus remover and sea salt
      * Marine salt scrub
      * Marine cooling massage
      * T4 liner
(Time: 40 min)    
Citrus Pedicure $40.0        

Our citrus pedicure includes the essentials of pure deluxe pedicure and offers a full line of tropical citrus products to revitalize your skin.
      * Tropical citrus Scrub and Soaks
      * Orange citrus massage lotion
      * Citrus cracked heel cream
      * Warm stone massage
(Time: 1 Hour)    
Natural Pedicure $40.0  

      *Herbal Mineral Bath
        A combination of 21 herbs to help smooth and relax
     * Icedancer Invigorating Gel
        Revives skin, stimulates and refreshes tired legs
     * Baobab Body Butter
        Promotes softer , smoother and more toned looking
     * Sole Solution Foot Treatment
        To help soften and exfoliate dead skin cells
(Time: 1 Hour)